The Basics of Color: History, Hair Structure and the Color Component

About the Course
This course has been developed for the licensed cosmetologist who desires to reinforce and/or expand his or her knowledge regarding the hair coloring process. In the first section of this course, we will learn about the chemistry and the physiological makeup of hair and how this pertains to the hair coloring process.  The second section of this course will discuss the pre-service client consultation, how to approach this vital and what observations are imperative to ensure the best outcome for your client and produce impressive color service results.

Learning objectives
  • Review the structure of the hair strand to better interpret what you observe during analysis.
  • Categorize the internal bonds and calculate their impact on color in the hair strand.
  • Recognize the characteristics of the types of melanin and their production process.
  • Distinguish a natural hair color shade’s underlying pigment components using the law of color. 
About the Author
Jo Ann M. Stills began her career as the owner of a successful salon. From that position, she moved into an educational focus as
Manager and Styles Director for Trend International Beauty colleges. Further career development led her to the position of
Salon Manager for a chain of corporate owned salons. In the first year of this position, she successfully headed off a unionization effort and increased salon revenues by 37%. The year the salon was sold, we reached $1 million level, with a 98% customer satisfaction rate.