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What information will I need the day I attend a LIVE In Person seminar course?

  1. Where can I park
    • We aim to offer our live seminars in convenient locations with ample parking. However, there may be times when an event is held in a downtown area that may require you to pay for parking or park offsite in a public parking garage. 
  2. Do you pay for parking
    • We do not pay for parking. We will do our very best to notify you if there will be a parking charge at the hotel. 
  3. Where can I eat
    • We strive to hold our seminars in convenient areas in close proximity to local restaurants and eateries. Many of our event venues have restaurants onsite.
  4. Can I record the seminar
    • No. Video or audio recording a seminar is not permitted. 
  5. What formats are used in seminars
    • We strive to offer you hands-on experience in all of our live seminars. You can expect a combination of lecture, PowerPoint, demonstration, lab and practice formats in all of our seminars. 
  6. Do I have to participate during the seminar
    • For most live seminars, participation is optional but highly encouraged. We strive to provide you with hands-on seminars that not only teach you practical skills but allow you to practice those skills in the presence of expert professionals. ** Please note: hands-on participation is required for our certification courses. 
  7. Can I bring someone with me to the seminar to work on them
    • No. You will partner with other professionals attending the seminar for practice and lab sessions. Non-enrolled students will not be permitted. 
  8. Do I need to attend the whole seminar
    • Yes. To be compliant with state and national regulatory boards we are required to obtain proof of attendance. You will be required to sign in upon arrival and out upon departure as verification that you attended the entire seminar. 
  9. If I have to stay at the hotel, will I get a discount on my room rate
    • We do not have discount rates for hotel stays. 
  10. What will I receive at the seminar
    • At each seminar, you’ll receive handout material. In some cases, instructors may have additional material or tools for sale that coincide with the seminar.

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