Funeral Marketing in the 21st Century

About the Course:
Strategic marketing and advertising by using traditional methods, social media and the internet to reach larger audiences.
Learning objectives
  • Describe niche-marketing strategies.
  • Define “unique selling position” (USP).
  • Explain the purpose of “branding.”
  • List and describe the five basic parts of a print advertisement.
  • Discuss some best practices for print advertising.
  • List some ways to improve your Yellow Pages advertising.
  • Explain the roles of disclosures and disclaimers in advertising.
  • List some best practices for website organization.
  • Define and distinguish between “keywords” and “metatags.”
  • Describe best practices for “search engine optimization” (SEO).
  • Explain the role of “links” in SEO.
  • Provide three examples of social networking sites.
  • Explain the importance of proximity and placement in displaying online disclosures.
  • Distinguish between and provide examples of traditional vs. new media in marketing and advertising.