Chronic Illness and Depression, 2nd Edition

About the Course:
This basic-level course addresses this knowledge gap by providing rehabilitation professionals with an overview of the co-occurrence of depression and chronic conditions and identifying challenges in screening and referring adults with chronic conditions and depression. It provides explanations for potential causes of and contributing factors to depression unique to individuals with chronic medical conditions. Although individuals with chronic conditions are at an increased risk for depression, this course also explores factors that may enhance such individuals’ well-being and diminish the likelihood 
of depression.

Course Objectives:
  • Describe the co-occurrence of depression and chronic illness.
  • Recognize the symptoms of depression and appropriate assessment tools to screen for depression.
  • Identify common causes and contributing risk and protective factors for depression in individuals in medical populations.
  • Compare and contrast treatment approaches for depression in individuals with chronic illness.
  • Analyze the implications of chronic illness and depression on physical and occupational therapy practice.