HIV/AIDS for Healthcare Professionals

About the Course:
This HIV/AIDS course provides an in-depth look at the diagnostic protocols and treatment guidelines for HIV/AIDS. At the end of this course, healthcare professionals will gain a better understanding of the evidence-based practice trends in HIV/AIDS treatment as well as the best prevention strategies to avoid disease transmission and complications.

Course Objectives:
1. List the 5 phases of HIV/AIDS
2. Identify the 4 important rules to control infection.
3. Recognize the symptoms of HIV/AIDS
4. Identify strategies that are effective in the prevention of HIV 

About the Authors:
Sharon Finch O’Maley received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the Peoples’ Bible College in 1976 and her Certification for Supervisors of ACE classrooms from the ACE Certification Institute in 1984. She also studied Spanish at the Peace Corp Language Institute in Santo Domingo. Sharon served as a Technical Writer and Translator for Royal Tech Writers & Translators and has researched and written continuing education manuals for the medical, insurance, real estate, financial, funeral industries. She is also a medical researcher, having completed research duties on topics including deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, respiratory issues and endometriosis.

Jami Cooley, RN, CNWC is a registered nurse with compact licensure. Jami began her nursing career working in oncology and hematology.She received certification in Chemotherapy and Biotherapy at M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston, Texas in 2002. Shortly thereafter, Jami became a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. She has worked as a nutritionist for 10 years with specialty in sports medicine and orthopedics. She has also served as a running coach and trainer.Jami is a member of the American Fitness Professionals Association and the American Nutrition Association. She is the founder of Nutritional Nursing Specialists and co- author of two top-selling health and wellness books, "Eating Your Way to Good Health" and "The Fungus Link”. Additionally, Jami has been a featured author on Livestrong and Natural Health Advisory and has published work in several health and fitness magazines including Healthy Living, Mother Earth News and Vogue. Jami has appeared on television programs and radio talk shows for her nutrition expertise. She has toured the country speaking on the topic of therapeutic nutrition. In her spare time, Jami enjoys running and participating in marathons, half marathons and triathlons.

Shirley Aycock, DNP, RN, is a Registered Nurse who has spent the majority of her nursing career serving in a variety of leadership roles. Over the past several years her leadership focus has shifted from managing acute care adult medical-surgical units to oversight of educational endeavors within the acute care hospital environment. She serves as Lead Nurse Planner, responsible for the planning, development, and evaluation of education activities for continuing nurse education and oversight of the Provider Unit status. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from University of Texas at Arlington, a Master of Science in Nursing Administration from University of Texas at Tyler, and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Rush University in Chicago, Illinois.Shirley serves as adjunct faculty for East Texas Baptist University, LeTourneau University and University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing.