Smoking Cessation on Rise Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Smoking COVID-19

Consumers express concerns over respiratory complications

Smoking has long been established as a risk factor for respiratory disease and health officials are now reporting that smokers with COVID-19 are more likely to face serious complications. Recent studies have found that smokers with COVID-19 are 14 times more likely to need intensive care than non-smokers.

Now a new article from underscores that point. The title says it all: “Smoking Cessation Sees 122% Growth as Public Seek to Reduce Risk of COVID-19”

This has caused a surge in demand for smoking cessation products such as nicotine replacements and behavioral supports as people try to protect themselves and strengthen their lungs. Sales of nicotine replacement products increased by 54% in the third week of March and helplines have reported an increase in callers concerned about the coronavirus. Companies like Pivot and Quit Genius have responded to the growing interest by offering free trials of their coaching and support apps while Lucy, a seller of nicotine gum and lozenges, has seen sales rise by 75% in the past month.

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