Heart Health Roundup: Heart Headlines, News and Podcasts

Doctor using a stethoscope to examine the heart health of an elderly African American woman

February is American Heart Month, so take a few moments today to read up on recent cardiovascular studies and stories. Gain insights on how COVID-19 affects the heart and the connection between African Americans and cardiovascular disease. If you don’t have time to read, plug into one of the many podcasts featuring cardiovascular insights and studies.

How COVID-19 damages your heart

COVID-19 is still a new virus and there are emerging variants, researchers are working diligently to determine how the virus affects the heart. Studies have revealed that there is damage to the heart including inflammation, but the long term effects are in question and it may take years to have answers. This American Heart Association article explains the damage to recovering patients’ hearts and discusses what diagnostic tests may be implemented as follow ups to a COVID-19 infection.

Black History Month and American Heart Month

African-Americans, especially African American women, have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Mallory McClure, a Wellspan cardiologist from Pennsylvania, shares her thoughts on Black History Month and American Heart Month being in February and why it’s important to link these months together.

Top podcasts featuring heart news

Learn more about how inequalities in our medical system and society affect the heart in the podcast Stories of the Relentless by the American Heart Association. The association points out that the stories of spirit and resilience will be pertinent if you are a health provider, caregiver or a cardiovascular disease survivor.

CardioNerds podcast offers information on hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity and the genetic risk of cardiovascular diseases. This episode, focused on women, is especially relevant for this month: “Women’s Heart Health & Women in Cardiology with Dr. Nanette Wenger – Special Go Red Encore.”

Don’t miss The New Mid Podcast. In a recent episode, “Dr. Magliato + Beth Greve: Women and Heart Disease,” two women share their experiences. Beth Greve (a stroke survivor) and Dr. Magliato (a cardiac surgeon) discuss heart attacks, strokes and share answers about how COVID-19 affects the heart.

If you want an explanation as to why as many women as men are now dying of heart disease, listen to “Women and Cardiovascular Disease” from the Women N Wellness podcast. Three women doctors, who write and record the podcast, provide the female expertise on the subject.

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