Nursing Membership: What’s Trending

Nursing Membership: What's Trending

Are you wondering what resources your fellow nurses are using? Are your peers taking advantage of resources that you could use to expand your skills and achieve more in your career? Elite Learning’s Nursing All Access Members enjoy unlimited access to over 600 hours of ANCC-accredited CE courses. Now that we’re past the mid-year point, let’s take a take a look at the most-used resources among our nursing membership community.

Course: Heroin Use in America: Identification, Treatment and Prevention

Taken by nearly 5,000 nurses this year, Heroin Use in America: Identification, Treatment and Prevention will familiarize you with the basics of heroin addiction—an addiction which has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and around the globe. The course includes facts about heroin and addiction, effects on the brain, progression of the disease, psychological and physical effects of short-term and chronic use, screening, treatment, prevention, and current trends. The course also highlights special nursing considerations when you care for patients at risk of becoming addicted to heroin.

Course: Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing

Legal issues in nursing are often controlled at the state level. Ethical issues, on the other hand, are not so clear and less defined. This course focuses on many of the ethical issues that you may face every day as well as legal considerations that may frame the ethical issues of patient care.

Ready to dive into ethics and legal issues? Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing covers what you need to know.

Webinar: A Fun Look at Nursing Humor

Humor is often used as a coping mechanism for nurses. It invokes a positive attitude, creates a sense of camaraderie and unites us all as nurses, no matter what your area or era of nursing practice. The most popular webinar within our nursing membership community, A Fun Look at Nursing Humor, presented by Terry M. Foster, explores the appropriate uses of humor in the workplace as well as those topics that are off limits.

Guide: 2018 Nursing Salary Guide

With thousands of interesting statistical results, the 2018 Nursing Salary Guide continues to grow in popularity among fellow nurses. This comprehensive guide covers data from a full range of nursing salary related topics including, but not limited to, nurse salary by state/region, specialty, facility type, gender, level of education, benefits, etc. The survey results were accumulated based on feedback from 22,000 respondents working at every level of the nursing profession!

Ready to see how you stack up with your fellow nurses? Download the 2018 Nursing Salary Guide now.

Elite Nursing All Access helps you meet state, specialty, and advanced practice continuing education requirements with unlimited access to our library of more than 600 hours of ANCC-accredited courses. We take care of learning, so you can better take care of patients. Because being a nurse is more than just a job to you. It’s a career.

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