#ThankfulThursday: Week 1

There’s so much to be thankful for. Every Thursday throughout the month of November we’ll be highlighting a few things that make your jobs a little easier, more productive, or even more fun. Have something to add? Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #ThankfulThursday!

Comfortable shoes

How many hours are you on your feet each day? Six? Eight? Ten or more? That’s a lot of stress on a small part of the body. Multiply that impact over the course of a career and you have a recipe for perpetually achy feet, which is one reason to be thankful for the remarkable technology hiding in your shoes. Whether you prefer clogs, sneakers, or another style entirely, take a moment to appreciate the layers of gel, rubber, plastic, leather, fabric, and human ingenuity that came together to provide you with that supportive arch and comfortable sole.

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Wearable tech

Wearable technology has come a long, long way from the abacus rings and pocket watches of the 1600s, or even from the camcorders and cassette players of the 90s, and in another two years technology will probably advance beyond anything we can imagine right now. In the meantime, however, take time to appreciate your watches and fitness trackers, your smartphones and e-readers and earbuds. They entertain, educate, and inform. They help you stay on schedule, stay fit, and most importantly, stay in touch with the people you love.

Heating + air conditioning

No matter what part of the country you’re in, at some point during the year the weather’s going to get uncomfortable: too hot, too cold, too humid, or too fill-in-the-blank. Chances are you work in a building with a (mostly) functioning HVAC system, and no matter how temperamental that system is, it’s still an improvement on the sweltering/freezing alternative. So take a moment to appreciate those cranky pipes and growling radiators, fans and thermostats that don’t understand the concept of moderation—because even that’s better than working without it!

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