Free Tool Kit: 7 Resources for Hospital Rehab Directors

Tool Kit - 7 Free Resources for Hospital Directors of Rehab

Hospital therapy directors and rehab managers have a lot on their plates, and the Net Health Therapy team is constantly working with their team of internal experts and network of hospital clients to create valuable resources to help Directors of Rehab and hospital therapy leaders improve operations, business results, clinical outcomes, and staff management in both outpatient and acute care therapy settings.

Check out this free toolkit from Net Health to get the latest resources for hospital therapy leaders, including E-books, webinar recordings, case studies, and business tools.

Toolkit includes the following resources::

  • E-book: 5 Actionable Tips to Boost Therapist Productivity
  • E-book: Transform Hospital Therapy From a Cost Center to Profit Driver
  • E-book: Enhance Your Hospital Therapy Operations Across the Board
  • Webinar recording: Acute Care Therapy Trends and Best Practices
  • Webinar recording: Improve Multiple Hospital Therapy Settings
  • Business tool: Acute Care Therapist Productivity Calculator
  • Business tool: Pro Forma – Analyze New Programs and Services
  • Case studies: Challenges, solutions, and results for hospital therapy

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