E-Book: 5 Tips to Boost Therapist Productivity in Hospital Therapy Programs

Check out this free E-Book to learn actionable tips to boost therapist productivity in your hospital therapy department by improving efficiency, ensuring proper planning, and utilizing consistent tracking and feedback.

Whether you represent a large health system or a smaller, rural hospital, maintaining high therapist productivity is a crucial element to ensuring success for your hospital therapy program. Finding ways to boost productivity and enhance satisfaction for rehab therapists in both outpatient and acute care environments is key to reaching peak performance and optimizing your hospital’s therapy operations.

How can your hospital therapy department achieve a high level of therapist productivity and satisfaction?

Download this free E-book to learn how to:

  • Create and outline a plan for success
  • Make sure the CDM reflects appropriate RVUs
  • Evaluate productivity goals based on historical trends
  • Track and report metrics that drive productivity
  • Acknowledge individual performance and positive impact

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