Old woman exercising with an occupational therapist after suffering from stroke

National Stroke Awareness Month: Resources for Therapy Professionals

Old woman exercising with an occupational therapist after suffering from stroke

Established in 1998 as a division of the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association (ASA) educates the public about the world’s second deadliest killer. May is National Stroke Awareness Month, which aims to promote public awareness and reduce the incidence of stroke in the U.S. Here are several resources for rehabilitation therapists that may help you provide better care for stroke patients.

Stroke awareness and rehabilitation resources

In honor of Stroke Awareness Month 2021, the ASA has been hard at work compiling the latest research, content, and other valuable resources for healthcare professionals. Here’s a selection of their top stroke resources for therapists:

Healthcare Provider Rehabilitation Resources

Browse ASA’s entire collection of videos, recorded webinars, audiocasts, patient-focused rehab materials, and more.

Top Ten Things to Know: Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Guideline

Get the facts and figures in this handy one-pager.

Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Audiocast Series

Hear directly from the experts in this five-part series that explores guidelines for adult stroke rehabilitation and recovery.

The Known and Unknown of Stroke: An Infographic

Ischemic, hemorrhagic, or cryptogenic? Refresh your understanding of the different stroke types and causes in this convenient infographic.

How to get involved and learn more

Want to show your support of National Stroke Awareness Month? We encourage you to visit the American Stroke Association’s official site and share their resources on your social media.

If you’d like to learn more about caring for stroke patients, we recommend the following courses:

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