Advanced Treatment of the Pediatric Pelvic Floor

texas children's hosiptal
Dates:  July 11-12, 2020

Course Description:  This course will expand on knowledge from the more basic pediatrics courses to help the physical therapist treat more complicated bowel and bladder difficulties in pediatric clients.  It will discuss both evaluation and treated strategies for the more complicated pediatric bowel and bladder issues.   It will also cover common bowel and bladder issues that occur in neurologically involved child.   Participants will learn about several pediatric bowel and bladder surgeries and the pelvic floor treatment for these children post surgically.  Participants will also learn more about connective tissues diseases and their effect on the bowel and bladder. It will cover respiratory diseases in children and the effect on the pelvic floor.   The participants will leave the course with practical treatment ideas for improving bowel and bladder function in the complicated child and teenager whether they are a pediatric or pelvic floor physical therapist.

Course Location:

Texas Children’s Hospital

Course Fee: $400.00

Contact: 832-826-6311


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