NetHealth Webinar on September 16, 2021

Ultimate Guide to Therapist Productivity – Free Download

Free Download Ultimate Guide to Therapist Productivity

Whether you manage a single clinic, a major, multi-location practice, or hospital rehab department, effectively managing therapist productivity is essential for ensuring success in your rehab therapy program. Check out this free, comprehensive guide to get instant access to 30+ pages of detailed information, in-depth insights, and powerful tips to help your team optimize this crucial element of your rehab therapy operation.

Download the guide for in-depth insights, including:

  • Formulas, definitions, and methods to calculate, measure, and benchmark productivity
  • Tips to improve therapist productivity and fully engage your team
  • Understanding potential downsides and pitfalls to avoid as you examine productivity
  • Productivity audit checklist and questions to ask to optimize performance
  • Reasons why managing productivity is essential to ensure success for your facility
  • Productivity considerations to keep in mind for specific care settings
  • …and lots more!


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