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An Elite Healthcare Guide to Career Development Through Education

Welcome to the 2019 Focus on Education edition featuring advice and information to help you successfully navigate your career through advanced education and continuous learning.

Cover Story

Effectively Conference Networking in the Digital Age: One “busy executive” shares his experiences and insight.


Turning Challenges Into Opportunities: Healthcare professionals can consider ways to enhance or change their present career path.

How Do You Start or Change a Healthcare Career After 40?: Advice for making a mid-career switch.

Why You Should Specialize or Get Certified in Healthcare: Professional advantages are numerous.

BSN in 10: How the Mandated BSN is Changing Nursing.

Moving Into Management: Though not without pitfalls, transitioning to a supervisory role can broaden your professional prospects.

Distance Learning in Healthcare: Online degree programs continue to gain national support.

Specialty Certifications for PTs: Additional training builds competence and confidence.

Master’s Degree in Nursing: Surprising, Practical and Significant Rewards: How it can help in your career advancement.


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