Top 15 Signs That You Work With a Bully

Bullies can be found at every level and in any profession. Therefore, it’s important to be able to recognize and identify the signs.

Bullying in healthcare has been an issue of growing concern for decades. Its prevalence is such that one in six employees throughout the United States will likely experience bullying in the workplace in his/her lifetime.

Unfortunately, bullying tactics often go undocumented, unnoticed, or unaddressed, so it’s important that healthcare professionals learn to identify and understand the signs early.

Below are the top 15 ways to spot a workplace bully:

  1. The person makes snide and unwarranted comments in any type of situation
  2. You notice eye rolling during a conversation or in a meeting
  3. Someone makes inappropriate jokes at another coworker’s expense
  4. You witness excessive and angry cursing at peers
  5. Outright humiliation of others in day-to-day work situations
  6. Unnecessary shouting and intimidation when trying to make a point
  7. Outright emotional/verbal abuse and name calling is a go-to response
  8. The person demeans, undermines, or impedes another person’s work, input or comment
  9. There is constant criticism and harassment of another’s actions
  10. The person is well known for spreading harsh rumors and gossip
  11. Withholding needed information about a patient or a change in the work environment
  12. Denial of promotions and vacations without reason
  13. Shunning or exclusion of others on social occasions
  14. A person is found rummaging through someone’s personal belongings
  15. You notice a person intentionally set up others for failure

If you witness someone at work that exhibits any or all of the behavior(s) on this list, you may be working with a bully. Acknowledgement of the problem is the first step toward resolution.

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