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5 Makeup Trends to Watch in 2023

Makeup trends to watch in 2023

As we enter summer, gorgeous new makeup trends continue to make a big splash on both ends of the spectrum. From statement eyes and radiant skin to playful lips and minimalist looks, you will have your pick of fabulous looks for easy summer glow-ups to festive holiday glamor. 

Check out the most anticipated makeup trends for the year. 

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Statement eyes 

Bold and colorful eyes are a thing this year. From bright and daring shades to metallics and glitter, it is all about making a statement with the eyes. One trend to watch out for is thick and angular lines that draw attention to the eyes using graphic eyeliner. Achieve this look with liquid or gel liners. Pair with a neutral eyeshadow to really make the eyes pop.  

Another stunning trend to try is color blocking. Apply bold shades to the eye to create a striking effect. 

Glowing skin 

Healthy, glowing skin is always in style. 2023 is all about enhancing your natural beauty. Skin that looks fresh, dewy, and hydrated is a huge trend.  

Start with a skincare routine that includes good moisturizing and exfoliation products. Be consistent with your regimen. Apply a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone and add a touch of highlighter to the high points of the face for a radiant glow. 

Playful lips 

2023 is the year for fun and playful lips. From bold and bright shades to patterns and textures, there are plenty of options to choose from.  

Ombré lips are easily one of the hottest makeup trends this year. Two lipstick shades blend to create a beautiful gradient or fading effect. Glossy or matte ombré lips are in vogue. This look helps to create the illusion of plumper, fuller lips.  

Monochromatic makeup 

Matching makeup to outfits is nothing new, but monochromatic makeup looks level up in 2023. Monochromatic makeup involves applying shades of the same color on the eyes, cheeks, and lips to create a cohesive and harmonious look.  

For example, a pink monochromatic look might involve using different shades of pink on the eyes, a pink blush on the cheeks, and pink lipstick on the lips. 

Barely-there makeup 

While bold and colorful looks remain popular, there will also be an uptick in more natural and minimal makeup. The minimalist makeup palette includes products that enhance your natural features without being too heavy or noticeable.  

Think tinted moisturizer, just a touch of mascara, and a sheer lip balm or gloss. It’s perfect for those who prefer a more low-maintenance beauty routine or want to give their skin a break from heavy makeup. 

Whether you prefer bold and daring looks or more natural and minimal makeup, there will be a trend for you to try this year. Some other trends to watch out for include: 

  • Grunge glam 
  • Bold red lips 
  • Next level lashes 
  • Lip art 
  • Blush draping 
  • Gilded eyes 

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