Selling Product

Some people love it and some people hate it. What is the “it” we’re talking about here? Selling products! As a salon professional, part of your job is to sell your clients products. Now, not all salon professionals love being salespeople, but it’s a crucial part of your overall income.  If you aren’t currently selling product you’re losing money as well as client retention. So, why do you need to carry and sell products?

Professional Opinion

Your clients come to you for professional services, but also want to know how to continue that look for at-home use. Clients want your professional opinion on what products work best for them. There are hundreds of hair and skin care products available online, but your clients are coming to you for recommendations to treat their specific needs.

Little effort, a lot of income

Selling products is little to no effort and can double your bottom line. You purchase products at a wholesale price and sell them at double that, plus tax— pretty easy. Many salon professionals don’t want to “pressure” their clients into a purchase, but you can give them your professional suggestions without pressuring them into a sale.

Don’t sell to sell

Salons and spas everywhere carry products because they feel that they have to, and in doing so, have no connection to what they are selling. Make sure you do your research and find a product line or two that you are passionate about, and one that will benefit your clients. Have a representative for that line come to your spa/salon and give a demo. Learn as much as you can, before you jump in and purchase a line.

Break it down

When you’re using a product on your client tell them a little bit about it. Tell them why you’re using it and what the benefits are. When time comes to the end of their service, they know why you’re recommending it for them. Think of “selling” as a consultation and ask what their main concerns are. Show them certain products that will address those concerns, this way they feel you are meeting their needs.

If you’re still uncomfortable with selling products, seek the advice of some industry experts. There are plenty of articles on retailing, as well as webinars you can attend to ease into it. As long as you believe in the products you’re selling, your clients will too!