Attracting Men to Your Salon

Have you ever looked around your spa or salon and wondered what is missing? Could it be men? More and more men these days are not only going to salons for their haircuts but are also dipping their toes into the spa world. Maybe they’re just there for a haircut, but they could be interested in trying out a pedicure or even going for a facial. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity—so here are the top three things you can do to attract more men to your salon.

  1. Cater to them.
    A large spa menu can be overwhelming to anyone, so make it easy and design a menu just for men. You might also want to think about changing your verbiage. For instance, an “ayurvedic herbal detoxification facial” could translate into a “men’s essential facial.” These basic changes can increase your revenue and open a new marketing door into the world.
  1. Create the right environment.
    The salon environment is a make or break for new clients. Think about your current environment and ask yourself if men would feel comfortable in your spa/salon. Some salons provide a complimentary cocktail during a service. This caters to both genders but makes men feel more comfortable in a salon. Are you playing music that would appeal to both? Or stock magazines that appeal to men? Try to think about a man’s experience as a whole—from the time they walk in, to the time they walk out.
  1. Training.
    Men typically go to barbers or other male hair stylists for their hair care needs because they are generally more experienced with men’s hair. If you are uncomfortable with men’s hair, seek out training and sharpen your skills. Have you ever been to a trade show? This can be a great opportunity for anyone in the spa/salon industry to get fresh ideas on what’s trending now and what will be trending next season. Men’s hair trends can change quicker than women’s and to keep men coming back to you, you’ll need to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Your salon doesn’t need to become a sports bar—the goal is to make men feel welcome and comfortable. With these tips, the next time you look around your salon it should be filled with both men and women!