filling downtimes on your calendar

Filling Downtimes on Your Calendar

filling downtimes on your calendarSomething any salon professional will experience at one point or another is a hole in the schedule. How are you filling that downtime? Are you using it to watch cute puppy videos on YouTube? Do you spend it scrolling aimlessly through Facebook? While that’s fine occasionally, when it comes down to it, you want to utilize your time wisely when the opportunity presents itself. Here are a few ways you can better spend your downtime when you do experience it.

Follow up

Did you tell a client you were going to look into something for them and forget? It happens; but when you have a few extra minutes, the top priority is following up with clients to ensure you provide the best customer service possible. Have you thanked your clients lately? Spend a few minutes writing personalized notes to your clients thanking them for their recent visit. Thank-you cards are a great way to show your clients how grateful you are for their business.

Tidy up

Is your salon in tip-top shape? It’s easy to go through the day and create little messes all over, but unless you’re fortunate to hire help, cleaning at the end of a long day is exhausting. Try to pick up as much as you can throughout the day. If you have a few extra minutes, pick an area that needs a little elbow grease to help bring your salon back to mint condition.


Having a few minutes or even an hour can be well-spent researching new products or services. It can also be beneficial if you’re trying to think of your next marketing campaign. Some online research may be what you need to jump-start your imagination.


This is probably everyone’s least favorite thing to do during their downtime, but it does help in the long run. Did you get a last-minute cancellation? Spend that hour making sure your tax documents from that month are in order and add in any expenses you’ve accumulated from that month. It is an excellent opportunity to spend time staying organized.

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