Hair Color Trends for Salon Professionals

Hair color trends for salon professionals

Keeping up with the latest hair color trends is essential to providing your clients with on-trend looks. From bold shades to subtle hues, inspire your clients with these hair color trends for 2023.   

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Go bold and bright   

Bold hair colors have been a popular trend for younger clients for several years. The trend is now spilling over to more mature clienteles. Vibrant shades like electric blues, neon greens, and hot pinks make a statement as an all-over look or as highlights.   

When going bright and bold on your clients, use a high-quality color that delivers vibrant, long-lasting results. Eye-catching hair colors like these often require more maintenance than their traditional counterparts, so educate your clients on proper aftercare.   

Soften things up with pastels   

From lavender to sky blue, pastel hues are a fabulous way to add a touch of whimsy to your clients’ hairstyles. These soft, dreamy shades are great for spring or summer. They can be easily achieved using a pastel toner or diluting a traditional hair color with conditioner.    

Like bold colors, pastels also require more frequent touch-ups than conventional colors. Advise your clients accordingly before taking them on this delightful hair trip.   

Slay with natural-toned color   

Natural hair colors are always in style, and enhancing your client’s natural hair color will always be a top choice. Warm honey, caramel, and chestnut browns are popular choices for brunettes. Soft caramel, teddy bear blonde, and warm blonde shades are popular picks for blondes.    

Applying balayage and ombre techniques add dimension and depth. When selecting natural colors for your clients, consider their skin tone and natural hair color before recommending natural color enhancements.   

Heat it up with warm reds   

Your clients will turn heads with warm and rich red shades like cinnamon copper, cherry coke, auburn, and burgundy. No matter what your client’s skin tone is, there’s a red hair color for them.    

Important to note: red colors tend to fade faster than other colors. Make your clients aware of aftercare and maintenance before going red.   

Bring hair to life with cool tones   

Cool-toned hair colors like silver, platinum, blended bronzes, soft blacks, mushroom brunettes, and ash blondes are excellent choices for clients who want a more modern look during cooler months. With blue, green, and violet undertones, these shades are anything but boring. Dark roots, shadow roots, and root smudges are all trends to be on the lookout for this fall.     

Whether your client is looking for statement-making colors or stunning low-key hues to freshen up their look, hair color trends can add spice to any hairstyle and suit every preference.