How to Transfer Your Cosmetology License to Florida

How to transfer your cosmetology license to Florida

Of the many cosmetology professionals working in the United States, nearly 110,000 work in the state of Florida. If you are a licensed cosmetologist looking to join them, you must transfer your license to continue practicing legally. Here’s a quick guide to help you transfer your cosmetology license to the Sunshine State. 

Research the requirements 

When transferring your cosmetology license to Florida, it’s important that you know what you need and whether you are eligible for a license. Start by contacting the state board of cosmetology or visiting their website.  

Currently, Florida does not have reciprocity agreements with any state, but you may be eligible to receive your license by endorsement. 

Transfer your cosmetology license 

  • Gather the required documentation. You may need to provide official transcripts from your cosmetology school, the license you hold in your current state, or other verification to submit with your application.  
  • Take the required 4-hour HIV/AIDS Continuing Education course. The state of Florida requires all applicants to take the initial CE within two years of applying for your Florida cosmetology license.  

Complete the 4-hour HIV/AIDS course online for only $20. 

  • Choose your license type. Florida has several different license types. Select the one that applies to you. If you have questions about the types, reach out to customer service to ensure you are applying for the correct license.  
  • Pick your license type “by endorsement.” Endorsement means you qualify for a license in Florida because you hold an active license in another state whose requirements for licensure are comparable or more rigorous than Florida requirements. If you are eligible for licensure by endorsement, you are not required to take the Florida cosmetology examination. 
  • Apply for your license. Once you’ve chosen the correct application for your license type, you are ready to apply for your Florida cosmetology license. Apply online or print the application from the website and mail it along with your fee of $59.  

If you are approved by endorsement, the Florida state board will email your license along with instructions on how to print it so you can get to work immediately! If not, you may be required to complete additional training or take the Florida cosmetology exam.  

By following these steps, you can easily transfer your cosmetology license and continue practicing legally in your new home state. 

From the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation  

You are eligible for a Florida registration by endorsement if you have a current and active registration or license in another state, with the requirements of the other state being equal to or greater than the requirements of Florida applicants. Apprenticeship licensees are not eligible for endorsement.  

Florida requirements for each license designation are as follows: 

  • Nail specialist: 180 school hours 
  • Facial specialist: 220 school hours 
  • Full specialist: 400 school hours (180 nail hours, plus 220 facial hours) 

Note: Out-of-country facial specialist, nail specialist and full specialist registrants are not eligible for licensure by endorsement. Any Florida cosmetology school can evaluate your previous school training and grant credit for hours toward fulfilling the Florida school requirements. Schools can grant credit for all, some or none of a person’s previous education.