I’ve graduated. What on Earth do I do Now?


Finally graduated from college? Struggling to figure out what comes next? You’re not alone.

As a business owner and master esthetician I feel fortunate to have been able to figure out my career path after I graduated from esthetics school, but for some, it doesn’t come as easily. Over the years I have inspired a few of my clients to pursue their love for skin and enroll in esthetics school. However, after school is where I see them struggle to find their own path. In the cosmetology/esthetics/massage industry you have so many different career paths to take, so ask yourself these questions to narrow things down:

  1. What kind of work environment are you looking for? Think about it. You are now in a position where you get to be pretty selective about what you want, so think about exactly what you want. Do you want to work in a salon with ten other men and women? Do you want to work for yourself? Do you see yourself working at a resort? There are endless possibilities, so take the time and do your research to discover what you want.
  2. What type of schedule would you like? Now, when you are starting off chances are you aren’t going to be working your “dream” schedule, but still keep in mind what you want. Look for jobs that will help you balance your personal and work life appropriately.
  3. Are you choosing something too specific? This year alone the esthetics field has changed immensely in everything from eyelash extensions to micro blading of eyebrows. If you are very passionate about a certain trend, make sure that trend will be around long enough to pursue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing one specific skill and mastering it, but keep your options open and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest and greatest.
  4. What job-ready skills should you already have? Employers are looking for employees that have a few job-ready skills. These skills might include communication, teamwork, flexibility/adaptability, and even leadership skills. These may or may not be skills you have learned at school, but rather at previous jobs. These skills are important to emphasize on a resume along with previous work experience.
  5. Are you connected to a network? Some of my colleagues have found the best jobs by networking. Check with your cosmetology or esthetics school frequently because they might post current job listings. Try to network with people you would like to work with or even people whose job you would love to have. Staying in a network will keep you in the loop if a job does come up.

After you’ve graduated, it can be overwhelming: the amount of jobs or sometimes even the lack of jobs out there. Try to ask yourself these questions to get a better understanding of what it is you are wanting. Also, don’t get discouraged if you first job isn’t all that amazing, that right one is out there!

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