Brow Trends

What is shaping up in the brow world?

Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered if your eyebrows are even “in” anymore? From micro-blading to eyebrow extensions, brow trends have been evolving faster than they are growing—and they are getting BOLD!

From the 1920s to the 1940s, brows have been through it all. Eyebrows have been thin, curved, penciled-in, and now they have come to a common ground. The natural fuller shapes are back in, like those of Elizabeth Taylor. But, have you ever wondered what you can do if your brows didn’t survive the over plucking of the 90s? Check out a few options to get those natural-looking, bold brows every girl desires.

Eyebrow Extensions

Winter makeup can leave us looking washed out and uninspired, but the colors of spring can’t help but make us feel alive. This technique starts with a shaping of the natural brows to create the initial look for the client. Depending on the spa they will use hair removal techniques such as waxing, sugaring or even threading to get the eyebrows shaped. Once the natural brows are shaped and plucked, the esthetician will draw an outline for a guide as to where she will apply the synthetic hairs. Then, similar to eyelash extensions, one synthetic hair is carefully placed next to the root of the natural hair and the process continues until the desired look is achieved. Unfortunately the eyebrow extensions will only last 10-14 days and then you need to get them filled again. If you are looking for something more permanent, micro-blading is a better option.

Micro-blading (etching)

Micro-blading is a semi-permanent solution that will correct or reconstruct new eyebrows. The process begins with a consultation to determine your desired brow shape and then have your eyebrows professionally shaped and outlined. Your esthetician will apply a topical numbing cream, as this treatment can be a bit painful. The Micro-blading is done by use of a special pen that allows the esthetician to draw individual hair like strokes in the skin with semi-permanent ink. The treatment takes about two hours to perform, but can last up to two years.


If you would rather not seek the help of a professional, there are tons of tips and tricks you can try at home. If you don’t know where to start on the shape of your brows, you can now purchase a reusable stencil that makes filling them in a breeze. With products like “stay-all-day” and “bombshell powder” it can be overwhelming to decide what products to choose, but remember they are all made to do the same three things: fill, correct, and define your natural brows. No matter which trend you choose, be confident in your brows and make them work for you.

Tell us in the comments below which is your go-to trend for bold brows.