Fall Makeup Tips

Fall…the crispness in the air, boots are in, your favorite TV shows are back, and of course pumpkin-flavored everything is out. Fall not only brings cooler temperatures and shorter days but also a change in makeup. Going from your just-stepped-off-the-beach look to the dark colors of fall can be an easy transition. Here are a few insider tips to share with your clients, and also to make your own fall makeup classic yet seductive.

Matte Lips

matte lips Fall colors are usually associated with dark red, orange and yellow leaves. While orange and yellow may be great summer colors, dark reds are a classic fall lip color. A matte Bordeaux lip color is timeless for a day or night look. However, there are plenty of other fall colors like dark purples, satin reds, and dark magentas.

Shimmery Eyes

shimmery-eyes If you’re going to go with the dark, deep lip color then it’s always best to balance the face out with a light shimmery shadow. For the everyday look you can’t go wrong with a light champagne, rose gold, or gold shadow, but by night you can always add drama to the eyes. Creating a cat eye with eyeliner is a super easy way to add drama without your makeup looking too heavy.


eyebrows Defining your eyebrows is an effortless way to show off your facial features. However, eyebrows are too important to leave to chance—do not wax at home, leave your eyebrows to the professionals! Once eyebrows are neat and tidy, adding an eyebrow gel or pencil to sparse areas can help shape an elegant brow.


foundation Transitioning out of the sun can be a bit harsh on your skin, especially with the cooler temperatures. To prevent dry and flaky skin it’s important to have a comprehensive skin care routine in place. If you don’t already have a lighter foundation for fall, make sure to get color-matched for a new one. Your pigment changes throughout the year and your foundation color should too. The last thing you want is to have an over-bronzed face with a white neck and décolleté.

Trends come and go with each season, but you can never go out of style with a classic and subtle look. Don’t forget, makeup was made to enhance your natural beauty, not disguise it! Shop around, play with colors, and experiment with different looks to find your new fall favorite makeup trend!

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