Burnout in the Salon and How to Avoid it


Here’s what you need to know to avoid a mental and physical burnout.

Let’s get real for a minute: burnout isn’t something that you’re taught how to handle. As a salon professional you know that your main job isn’t just providing clients with excellent service, making them feel beautiful, and educating them. Your real job is listening. The majority of your days are spent listening, which is both physically and mentally demanding. You’re not provided much, if any, mental health training in school, and for some, the constant negativity can get overwhelming on a day-to-day basis.

Avoid gossip

This can be difficult for a lot of salon professionals. It can be easy to get caught up in the gossip, with both your coworkers and your clients, but try not to participate. Try to get your clients to partake in a fun and light conversation, so they don’t focus on gossiping.

Get physical

Standing on your feet and using your hands all day takes a toll on your body. Make sure you take a few minutes every hour or two to adjust your posture and stretch your body. Outside of the salon, make sure you take care of your body by practicing yoga, getting massages, and staying active.

Talk it out

The only other profession that truly understands what you go through is a therapist. You both are constantly listening to clients and giving advice. So, why not see one for yourself? Therapy can be a great, safe outlet to discuss professional and personal problems.

Take breaks

Not only a few minutes a day to recharge, but an actual vacation! Summer might not be an ideal time to take time off, but when fall/winter hits, or your schedule slows down, make sure you take your own “me time.” Take care of yourself by scheduling a much-needed vacation. You don’t need to blow your bank to recharge your batteries—try taking a long weekend or even stay somewhere local. The main goal is to take time for you, relax, and have fun without thinking about work.


Have you been unhappy for far too long? If so, maybe its time to re-evaluate your situation and consider a new path. Step away from your current environment and spend some time thinking about what makes you happy and how you can make that into a career.

Your profession should be fun and rewarding—the last thing you want is to burn yourself out and no longer enjoy what you do. Need more tips? Check our previous post Dealing with Stress. What do you do to avoid burnout? Tell us in the comments below!