Dealing with Stress

Deadlines! Overcommitted! Overwhelmed! Oh my! Learn ten tips on how you can de-stress.

That tranquil spa music playing, the waterfall trickling, and soothing scents, all point to a relaxed work environment, right? Stress affects us more than we know; according to American Psychological Association job strain stress is associated with increased risk of coronary disease. As salon owners and employees, your stress load might be through the roof. Read on for 10 tips to de-stress.

  1. Work it out. Try a new workout routine or pick up running. Physical activities help release endorphins, which relieves stress and makes us happier. Exercise gives the body an opportunity to respond to stress; the less active we are, the more challenged we become in dealing with stress.
  2. Deep breaths. Have you ever noticed you’re super stressed and your breathing becomes shallow? Allowing yourself to take long, deep breaths is proven to increase oxygen to your brain.
  3. Caffeine. Many of us rely on coffee to get us through a hectic workday and some are drinking multiple cups a day! Limiting caffeine and alcohol intake can help reduce muscle tension.
  4. Laugh it up. If you find yourself in a stressful situation try to stop what you’re doing and find a funny YouTube video, then check back in with yourself. This method is known to work!
  5. Catch some ZZZ’s. A good night’s rest may be just what you need. Sleep gives your brain a chance to recharge. Try and keep your sleep schedule the same day-to-day—you’ll feel rejuvenated and more alert in no time.
  6. OM. No, it’s not just the name of a green tea. Mediation can be very beneficial in helping center yourself by clearing your mind or even repeating a favorite mantra.
  7. Plan a relaxing day. Do you find yourself super stressed out on a day off? Sometimes, we create our own stress by adding too much to our days. Limit this by planning for a relaxing “you” day, at the very least once a month.
  8. Get outdoors. Even if you only have a few minutes in between clients, going for a brisk walk and getting some fresh air can help you de-stress immediately.
  9. Unplug. Stop browsing through your social media feeds and put your phone away—especially before bedtime. Lack of sleep can add to your stress, so getting good, uninterrupted sleep is important.
  10. Night on the town. There’s something relaxing about surrounding yourself with your closest friends and taking a night off. Spending time with your friends can make you feel relaxed in no time.

So, pick one or pick them all—and chose to de-stress yourself! Don’t get caught up in a situation and fall victim to stress. You’re constantly helping your clients de-stress, so why shouldn’t you help yourself? Take time for yourself, because you are worth it!