Health Guide 2019 – An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

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An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Welcome to the Elite Healthcare – Health Guide.  Geriatric, Pediatric, male or female this guide has a little bit of information on some of today’s most important health topics.

Cover Story

The Perfection Factor
Do We Glorify Beauty — and Promote Distorted Body Image and Eating Disorders?


Frontier’s Nurse-Midwifery Program Offers Flexibility and Direction
One Professional’s Story Of Finding Her Path.

How to Provide Autonomy and Quality of Life for Elderly Patients
Providing Answers For Sensitive Questions

The Unique Qualities Of Survivors
On Attitude, Gratitude And Other Common Attributes.

Children With Type 2 Diabetes
Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment – Plus a Troubling Rise in Numbers.

Breast Cancer In Men
Despite The Reputation, It’s More Than A Woman’s Health Issue.

Stress Management: Children, Teenagers, Adults, And Older Adults
Our Stress-Filled Experiences – How We Can Cope.

State Of The Industry Report: Palliative Care
Research Finds Potential For “Workforce Valley” Among Palliative Care Professionals.


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