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Infectious Disease Guide 2020 – An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

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An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Welcome to the Elite Healthcare – Infectious Disease Guide. Today more than ever it is important to learn about and understand ways to identify and deal with issues surrounding infectious disease. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a health crisis unprecedented in the lifetimes of just about every American, we hope this guide provides helpful information, resources, and insights that benefit you, your family and your coworkers as we work together to navigate our new normal.

Cover Story

As instances of the deadly respiratory illness continue to mount globally, how safe are the public and healthcare providers?


EDITORIAL – COVID-19: Two Weeks in the New Normal
Five observations with no bias, no sources and no statistics

Respond and Recover: The Importance of Effective Disaster Planning
A disaster preparedness plan is vital to ensuring safety in an unforeseen emergency

CDC Report: More Americans Dying from Antibiotic-Resistant Infections
Significant progress could be lost without more action

Infectious Disease Trends
The latest statistics on some common diseases

Health Officials Warn of Measles Surge
Infants, young children at highest risk of fatal complications

Preparing Your Family for a Potential Pandemic
What you and your loved ones can do

Wound Care Update 2020
Reviewing current points of emphasis

Increased Cases of STDs Create Numerous Concerns
Newborns, other populations at particular risk


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