Leadership Guide 2020

Leadership Guide 2020 – An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

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An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Welcome to the Elite Healthcare – Leadership Resource Guide.  Read about important topics impacting today’s healthcare leaders and learn more about becoming a healthcare leader in the future.

Cover Story

Ever-Changing Medicare Landscape Requires Continuous Education
How healthcare professionals can stay atop a detailed and complex system.


How Important is a BSN?
ADN vs BSN: The great debate.

No Room For Error: Promoting Medication Safety ANCC Course Information
Free Nursing CE with code MEDSAFE

How To Have Productive Meetings At Work
Wasted time cost companies millions annually. Here’s how your organization can avoid the issue.

The Essential Nature of Continuing Education
How can healthcare professionals benefit from lifelong learning?

Leaning Toward Leadership
A nurse’s journey to improve her leadership skills through continuing education.

Crowdsourcing Q&A
How can healthcare providers balance the immediate use of the internet with the time-consuming task of reviewing literature when seeking guidance on the care of their patients? One experienced clinician offers his guidance.

Internal vs. External Hires
Research supports promoting from within.

Leadership in Magnet Hospitals
How to meet the necessary requirements.

Interviewing Insights
HR professionals and healthcare providers on how to have productive conversations.


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