Infectious Disease, Disaster Planning & Wound Care 2019 Edition

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Cover Story
Disaster Planning: Would You be Ready?

Bioterrorism: Can it Happen in Real Life?

Infectious Disease: What Happens After “The Disaster”?: While establishing proactive measures for the potential of unseen catastrophes remains important, healthcare providers must also ensure infection control measures aimed at the aftermath of disaster

Flu Season Update: Severity Down for 2018-19?

Pandemic Preparedness: How your facility or organization can get ready for the next health crisis

Update on Vector-Borne Diseases: As healthcare professionals, we’re all familiar with vector-borne diseases, but occasionally we forget the terminology – especially if we’re not working directly with vector-borne diseases on a regular basis

CE: Measles, Mumps, and Rubella: Prophylactics and Clinical Updates

Wound Care Breakthroughs for 2019: The Industry has no Shortage of New Options for Treatement

Opioid Epidemic & Wound Botulism: Emerging as Disease Concern