More Love Stories: Nurses Nominated by Nurses

Recently, hundreds of nurses around the country nominated their fellow nurses for a special gift in recognition of their contribution to the profession. Their stories highlight the incredible difference a nurse can make in the lives they touch—from their coworkers to their patients to patients’ families.  

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Here are just a few of the nominations. 

The caregiver every patient wants to have 

“Emilissa R. embodies the spirit of nursing and professionalism. She makes every day a great day, no matter what happens. She manages to make everything better by always knowing exactly what’s needed for any situation. Emilissa sets the bar high by making ‘above-and-beyond’ her regular standard. She is the nurse that others wish they could be, the coworker everyone wants to work with, and the lifesaving caregiver that every patient wants to have. Emilissa is truly the brightest light in my day.” 

  • Nominated by Leah, Pennsylvania Nurse 

Going above and beyond 

“Cara R. goes above and beyond for our unit. She comes in on her own time to organize our unit and do other tasks that she is unable to get done in staffing. She does a lot for our unit that many people do not notice. Cara does whatever she can to help the unit run as smoothly as possible.” 

  • Nominated by Stacie, Iowa Nurse 

A role model for the whole medical team 

“Patricia W. was my charge nurse during the 2022 COVID-19 pandemic. She taught me many skills and cared for all the patients, giving them the best advice. She’s a role model for the medical team and is thoroughly passionate about her work as an RN. The patients came from all walks of life, and her warm approach, treating everyone equally, made them relaxed and confident that they were in the best hands for optimal care outcomes.  

Patricia also loves family time and welcomes her friends without hesitation. Patricia and I always check in on each other’s well-being. If you’re one of Patricia’s patients, you will feel safe and well-cared for, which will have a positive impact well beyond your stay. Her motivation when treating each patient will support them during the ups and downs of their life.” 

  • Nominated by Susanna, California Nurse 

She makes my day brighter 

“Sachiko K. has the best work ethic ever. She’s always positive, and always willing to help anyone in any way. Goes above and beyond every single day she works. Whenever I work with her, she makes the day brighter and lighter. She knows her job and always strives to learn. I watch how she interacts with everyone from the housekeepers, dietary, up to the doctors. She treats everyone with respect and warmth and inspires me every day.” 

  • Nominated by Kari, Minnesota Nurse 

A big heart for all her students 

“Shirley W. works tirelessly to take care of her 3000+ students and rarely, if ever, takes a day off for herself. She suddenly found herself responsible for both clinics in the massive school when the other RN resigned. She works out of two clinics in the building, trying to make sure every student receives the care and understanding that they need.  

Over the years she has worked as an elementary school nurse, floating nurse for the district covering a large block of schools and has mentored many new employees. She does all this with a big heart that cares about her students. I’ve subbed for Shirley and get to see firsthand what she deals with daily. I can’t think of anyone better to nominate for this honor than Shirley.” 

  • Nominated by Beth, Texas Nurse 

Encouraging them to be their best 

“Jean M. consistently encourages team members to be their best. She’s a mentor who answers questions, provides resources, and shares her clinical expertise. She demonstrates best practice standards for our wound and ostomy clients.” 

  • Nominated by Robinetta, California Nurse 

A truly exceptional nurse 

“First, I am a retired nurse. I do a lot of volunteer work and often I am with former nurse coworkers and patients that end up in the hospital. Tammy B. was a nurse caring for them and she couldn’t be more caring, comforting, and efficient with their care. Her care made them feel secure and comfortable, even in difficult times. Tammy is truly exceptional, and I say this as a 30-year RN!” 

  • Nominated by Eileen, Pennsylvania Nurse 

An asset to the FDNY WTC program 

“It is my pleasure to nominate Karen C. for her outstanding performance each day as office manager for FDNY World Trade Center Program. She is an asset to the FDNY WTC program. 

First and foremost, she is dedicated and hard-working. She is extremely organized and committed to constantly learning and developing best practices for the department. She goes beyond her job role to make sure the 9/11 heroes get the best care, respect and services they deserve. Our clients are elderly, and she has patience and respect for each member. 

She has kind heart which the best quality anyone can have caring for our 9/11 heroes.” 

  • Nominated by Meg, New York Nurse 

A gift to all she works with 

Shadriel V’s positive attitude, laughter, smile, gentle voice, and words of encouragement to all our caregivers is a gift to all we work with. She handles stress well, is a great multi-tasker and does an excellent job matching caregivers to the right client in home care. She is professional, caring, and intelligent and she is a joy to work with in the healthcare field.” 

  • Nominated by Denise, Florida Nurse 

A servant leader with integrity 

“Maria A. is an amazing Clinical Manager, RN, friend, mother, and wife. She balances work, NP studies, and family with a smile. She is a servant leader with integrity. Maria works hard to make decisions in the patient’s best interest that also aligns with policy and procedure. I’m amazed at how she does everything she does.” 

  • Nominated by Rachel, Pennsylvania Nurse 

Compassionate, caring, and professional 

“Tamura G. ‘Nurse T’ is kind, compassionate, caring, and very professional. We work at an urban school with 1200 students and at least 120 staff members. She is the charge nurse with several nurses rotating in and out daily. Tamura is the one constant that students can rely on. She works tirelessly making sure staff and students are healthy and nourished while maintaining accurate records, doing health screenings for all 1200 students, triaging and treating all with respect. She has done more for some students than their own families and all with grace and a smile.” 

  • Nominated by Andrea, Pennsylvania Nurse 

Appreciated and adored by everyone 

“Jodi C. is always looking for ways to support team members and takes initiative to take on tasks. She finds ways to make everyone smile and often surprises coworkers with thoughtful gifts. She’s a thoughtful and supportive coworker. Jodi is appreciated and adored by everyone.” 

  • Nominated by Erica, Washington Nurse 

Close to his heart 

“Graceson G. goes above and beyond for his clients. He never addresses them as patients or clients. Instead, he calls them ‘loved ones.’ He has them close to his heart and is always ready for them every second whether it rains or snows, whether it’s light or dark, he’s always there to hold their hands. When they pass on, he lends a shoulder to them to cry on. He’s very professional and loving.” 

  • Nominated by Betcy, Pennsylvania Nurse 

A real blessing 

“Lisa G. is always offering me and our staff daily encouragement. She works with several of our disabled students and gives them constant praise and encouragement when they get frustrated.  Lisa makes coming to work something I look forward to, knowing she will be there.  She is always smiling and handles difficult days with grace and calmness. Lisa is a wonderful role model and cheerleader with her coworkers and students. A real blessing!” 

  • Nominated by Marlaina, Maryland Nurse 

Such a ray of sunshine 

“Crystal serves as charge nurse on a very busy cardiac medicine unit at a large academic medical hospital. She’s such a ray of sunshine, with her sweet smile and cheerful demeanor. She brightens everyone’s day. Crystal is hilarious, dependable and always willing to dive in and help. Knowing she’s coming around the corner when we need her: now that’s a breath of fresh air when you feel like you’re drowning!” 

  • Nominated by Karen, North Carolina Nurse