65 Things LMTs Want in 2023

We asked and you answered.  Here are 65 things that Licensed Massage Therapists want to do this year!  You will notice there are some repeated answers on this list and that is because these are your actual responses!  We know you appreciate it when we keep it genuine.  So without further adieu, here are 65 things that LMTs want to do this year:


  1. Build my business to 50 massages/monthly
  2. Work at one of the best spas in my state.
  3. Achieve 20 regular clients.
  4. Add additional Community Service events
  5. Be able to create a stable amount of clients
  6. Become an LLC
  7. Become as knowledgeable as possible
  8. Better scheduling
  9. Outline my budget
  10. Build a mobile spa business
  11. Build clientele
  12. Building business to reach doctors community
  13. Continued growth; socially, mentally and financially
  14. Exercise more
  15. Expand
  16. Grow my clientele
  17. Have fun
  18. Help couples understand the benefits of touch
  19. Understand my business taxes better
  20. More Corporate Chair massage work
  21. I am working to grow an Integrative Wellness Center at my place of employment, which is linked to an area hospital. I specialize in mastectomy massage and oncology massage. I work closely with the medical professionals from our hospital as well as area hospitals. 15 years ago when I returned to school, this was my goal (after my father passed of cancer). In the 15years since, cancer has touched and/or claimed the lives of many of my family and friends. My goal is to bring the importance of massage in oncology care, further into the light of the medical community.
  22. I don’t want to give Facebook another $400 next December… Any help to increase and simplify internal marketing is recommended!
  23. I want to be more active in the LMT community as far as doing events and teaching massage techniques.
  24. I would like to have more handouts, instructions to give my clients
  25. Increase client base and better use of marketing and advertising avenues in my area
  26. Get better at insurance billing, transcription, medical records for my massage therapy business
  27. Learning more about aromatherapy
  28. Listen more intently to my clients
  29. Find someone to share space
  30. Manage a low key practice, sustainable for semi retirement years & find paper, rather than online classes to do FL license mandatory renewal requirements (I don’t enjoy computer classes…it’s a generation thing).
  31. More private clients
  32. More profitable year!
  33. My goal this year is to teach Body Mind Language patterns for the health and well-being of the client and practitioner. I am both a LMT and certified clinical medical/dental hypnotherapist.
  34. Own my location
  35. Owning and operating my own business
  36. I’m planning to move to another state, so reinventing my business is a goal
  37. Buy a massage Envy or buy an existing clinic.
  38. Promote myself in different settings, also volunteer work and events.
  39. Reach more perspective clients!
  40. Redo my brochure
  41. Retire from massage and do something else
  42. Self care of my own body, hands
  43. Speaking engagements at corporate businesses to educate on massage/ it’s benefits, etc. to be a highlight of their wellness programs Work w/ professional and or collegiate sports w/ massage specialty in track and field and swimming.
  44. To do more of the treatments I like
  45. To grow my business.
  46. To grow my practice
  47. To help, inform,& educate as many of my clients to take better care of themselves and inspire all those I come in contact with that massage is so much more that relaxing on a table listening to music as someone “rubs” their muscles. We are a force of one client at a time.
  48. To learn and retain as much as I can
  49. To make more than last years income
  50. To open a second office
  51. To provide a beneficial service for appreciative people (Military and or Veterans)
  52. To put it simply, live more, love more, and learn more! To enjoy life making a living doing what I love and helping my colleagues to thrive by attracting more clients. 🙂
  53. To rebuild from devastating losses from BP oil spill never recovered having to completely rebuild.
  54. To serve MORE clients with problems of myofascial dysfunction rather than simply relaxation or spa massage, which is NOT my primary focus of practice.
  55. To stay alive
  56. To transition from massage therapy to MFR exclusively
  57. To work more efficiently
  58. Transferring business from Jacksonville to St. Augustine/Ormond Beach, FL area and developing a web site
  59. Trigger point
  60. Volunteer work, mentoring
  61. Work on advertising to attract more clients
  62. Work one day/week at integrative RN in current wellness practice and continue with MT work the other days
  63. Learn massage techniques in relation to clients injuries/illnesses
  64. Write a business plan and operating procedures
  65. I want to make as many clients feel better than they did before coming to me. I want to be as healthy as I can this year.


Wow!  Thank you for your answers.  We really are lucky to work with such education-loving, community-service-preforming, wellness-focused, smart and savvy entrepreneurs! We will be developing some free ebooks, checklists, online guides, articles and more to help make 2023 your best year ever!


Did we miss anything? Leave it in the comments – we’re listening.