Best Stretches for Clients Who Work in an Office

A chiropractor once told me, sitting for the back is like sugar to your teeth. Clients who sit all day suffer from backaches, joint pains, and other muscle related aches and pains. Luckily, you’re only a phone call away to ease their aching joints and muscles. They will leave your massage table feeling relaxed and satisfied. But what can they do  between appointments?




Here is a list of stretches your clients can do to keep moving during their workweek. They won’t even have to leave their desk (although we do recommend at least going for a short walk on their lunch break).


Best Stretches for Clients Who Work in an Office:

  1. Elbow Stretch

Pull up each elbow over your head, putting the right hand on the left shoulder while holding its elbow with the right hand, and then change hands.


  1. Leg Stretch

Stretches out your legs and with your hands try to touch your toes. See how far you can go in twenty seconds.


  1. Knee Stretch

Lift one of your knees up to your chest, hugging it as you pull it towards you.


  1. Neck Stretch

Put both of your hands in front of you on your desk, clasping them tightly. Next, lower your hand, ensuring that it is in alignment with your arms.


  1. Neck Stretch #2

Put your head forwards and slowly roll your head from one side to the other.


  1. Neck Stretch #3

Pull your head in the direction of each shoulder.  The more times you perform this stretch, the more flexible you will become.


  1. Arm Stretch

Extend one of your arms over your head, stretching it in the opposite direction.


  1. Shoulder Stretch

Raise your shoulders towards your ears, dropping them after a few seconds. Repeat!


  1. Chest Stretch

Place both of your hands behind you, push out your chest outwards, and lift up your chin. People that are feeling extremely tense should hold the pose for a few seconds longer.


  1. Spine Stretch

Out one leg over the other and twist toward the back of your office chair. Do the same, but in the opposite position this time. As you perform this stretch, remember to exhale deeply as you begin the stretch because it will provide you with an increased range of movement.


  1. Finger Stretch

Clasp your hands and put them up over your head, stretching your hands as much as possible. For people that type all day, this is a good stretch for their tired fingers.


  1. Side Stretch

Claps your hands, put them up over your head, and lean towards the side followed by the other side.


We know that our clients should make a routine of stretching daily at work to help prevent their limbs from succumbing under the pressure of inactivity.  To make health a priority – it can even be scheduled on their calendars or in their phones to remind them to take 5 minutes out of their day to stretch.


However, stretches alone will not completely alleviate the pain, and regular sessions with you are necessary.


Would you like this information in a flyer to share with your clients? Submit the form below to download the template, add your logo, and done!  If it sits on their desk in their office it’s a great reminder to schedule regular massages with you!