Massage Therapy and the Healing Power of Music

In order to take all the thoughts about aches and pain away, mute their hurt with music!

Music will drown out all of your clients’ thoughts, putting them in a relaxing state for the duration of the massage. According to science, soft music playing during a massage session releases mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain. In fact, the healing power of music goes far back to the time of the ancient Greek.

The ancient Greek eased stress, promoted sleep, and soothed pain through music. They were not the only ones that recognized the power of music, the native African and American tribes chanted and sang songs during healing rituals. The sweet and relaxing influence of music over the healing process has carried over to the modern times.

In this modern era, people actively use it to put them to sleep or relax their mind. For ages, Massage Therapists have been incorporating music into their massage sessions. The healing powers of music are many. Here are the main ones:

Ease your client’s pain

Your clients will come to you with a variety of ailments that have been plaguing them for quite a long time. You can play music as you alleviate their pain, as research has shown that it has the ability to decrease the intensity of pain.

Improve your client’s sleep

The constant joint and muscle pain may be preventing your client from getting the sleep they want. If you know your client suffers from sleepless nights, help promote their ability to rest by putting on music during your session. They might just doze off while in the middle of their relaxing massage session.

Improve your client’s blood flow

Massage helps improve the circulation of blood in the body, and listening to music does the same. Therefore, you can combine those two to enhance the flow of blood.

Induce a meditative state

Slow musical tunes can change the speed of the brainwaves, similar to what happens when people are in a hypnotic or meditative state. Since you want to provide your client with the utmost comfort and relaxation, putting on music will speed up that process.

Song list

Some songs we like are:

  • Coldplay – Magic
  • The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
  • Enya – Watermark
  • Marconi Union – Weightless
  • Adele – Someone Like You
  • Cafe Del Mar – We Can Fly
  • Mozart – Canzonetta Sull’aria
  • Dido – Here With Me
  • Sia – Breathe Me

Any song you think is slow and relaxing can be made part of your playlist. Nature sounds are wonderful as your clients can be transported onto a beach or into a forest. Classical music is relaxing and stimulating.

Who are your favorite artists?  What are your favorite places to get music? Do you prefer ballads with lyrics, instrumental or ambient? Tell us in the comments!