Hot Topic Discussion: Who Owns a Client?

The question posed to the community is: Who owns a client?


Many LMT’s work at an establishment as a 1099, at a split/shared rate.


If the Massage Therapist is working as 1099 at ABC location and the location has done the marketing to bring the client in, as well as provide the intake forms, carries liability and premise insurance, etc; does this not make the client the property of the establishment?


It get’s sticky when the LMT leaves ABC Location, do they take the clients information with them?  Is it unethical? What if the client specifically asks to follow them to their next location, after all isn’t great customer service by the LMT is part of what creates repeat business? Many establishments have turned to non-compete contracts to combat this issue.


So – we want to know – what do you think? Who owns a client?  Comment below.