Working in Sports Massage

Wondering how those Olympic athletes compete back-to-back? Most of them are relying on their massage therapist to get them back in the game. If you’re a massage therapist and you don’t offer sports massage, now is the time! Sports massage is a booming industry and it isn’t just for Olympic athletes; it can be extremely beneficial for the everyday athlete looking for a competitive edge. If you’re interested in learning a new modality, here are a few reasons to think about sports massage.

  • Clientele: Unlike many massage clients you see every few months, sports massage therapist work with their clients weekly—sometimes daily. This will give you the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with your clients and continue to improve their performance.
  • Teamwork: Often, sports massage therapists work with a team of medical professionals to offer a complete service to their clients. The sports physician will often refer clients to you, making it fairly easy to acquire clients. This can be a huge benefit for therapists that aren’t interested in working alone or are having trouble building their own clientele.
  • Schedule: The schedule of a sports massage therapist can often be fun and exciting. If you can keep up with late nights and traveling away from home often, this will be a great choice for you. If travelling doesn’t sound like your cup of team, think about applying with a local team.

We’re offering on-site sports massage classes in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The course will draw on the fields of classic massage therapy, strength and conditioning, athletic training, and respected research to introduce massage professionals to the specific physiology of athletic pursuits.  It will also explore the demands unique to sports, and how the body responds to training and competition. Learn more and register.

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