Dealing With Conflict in your Salon

dealing with conflict

One of the hardest things about working in a spa or salon is getting along with all your coworkers.  Unfortunately, we will all run into workplace conflict, and there are right and wrong ways of handling it. Here are seven tips to help you deal with conflict while remaining professional.

Don’t stall

The number one complaint people make about dealing with a problem is that both parties waited too long to address the issue. Usually, the more time that goes on, the worse it gets. You want to tackle the problem head-on and without delay!

Define the problem

Make sure you do your research and find out the real source of the problem. In the salon and spa industry, personalities often clash. Sometimes, that can be the cause of a problem. Listen to your coworker, employee, or client and find out what the actual problem is.

Acknowledge the problem

No matter what the problem ends up being, do not dismiss it! Just because it doesn’t sound like a real “problem” for you, if someone is bringing it to your attention it needs to be your problem as well. It can be helpful for both parties if you restate what the conflict is—acknowledging that you understand.

Remain neutral

If you are involved in a dispute between two employees, this can often be the hardest step. However, remaining neutral is crucial to resolving a conflict. Listen to both sides and find a solution that satisfies both.

Find common ground

This is where you need to be flexible. Even if the solution ends up being something you don’t agree with, it’s essential to save the relationship and find common ground. Respect the other person and find common ground with which you can both live.

Execute a solution

There should be many options for a solution to your problem. Make sure both parties are coming up with alternatives that make the most sense for the both of you. This can get difficult with employees, as they may not agree with your solutions, but it is vital to get a good outcome. Writing out the answer can help if you think the problem may re-occur.

Meet with everyone separately

To lower tension, avoid hurt feelings and negativity, meet with the involved parties individually. In a workplace with several employees, this is the best way to ensure everyone is heard and felt like they have a safe place to come to.  It also helps if you are mediating the situation to get an objective perspective on the problem.

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