Customer Appreciation During the Holidays

The holidays are a very busy time for nearly every salon professional, as clients are trying to get those last-minute appointments to look great for the many events they will soon be partaking in. During the craziness of it all, it can be easy to forget to thank your clients for their continued support and loyalty.  To build a long-term relationship with your clients, show them a bit of customer appreciation in these four simple ways.

  1. Create a fun holiday card
    There are a ton of websites that you can use to create affordable, fun holiday thank you cards for your clients. There’s no harm in creating a general business holiday thank you card and then adding a personalized touch for each client. This will make your clients feel extra special and appreciated.
  2. Did somebody say discount?
    Clients love nothing more than getting a discount. Saying thank you with a customized discount is an excellent way for your clients to feel appreciated. Do you have a client who consistently buys product from you? Or someone who routinely gets their hair colored? Offer them 10% off their next purchase or service. You can even go the extra step and offer a discount to your clients who refer a new client to you.
  3. Throw a party!
    The holidays can be quite busy for most, so plan early and shoot for an early December gathering. A party is a fun way to thank all your clients at once by treating them to some tasty food and wine.
  4. Gift Cards
    Everyone loves a gift card! Get creative and talk to your local coffee shop or bakery and see if you can get a bulk discount for purchasing gift cards. If you’re a salon think about giving a gift card to a spa or vice versa—this will also help you build relationships outside of your own business.

Thanking your clients doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive. Think about those extra special clients and do something nice for them.  You would be surprised what a simple hand-written thank you note can mean to your clients. Keep in mind that the main goal is to make your clients feel appreciated, especially during the busy holiday season.

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