Client Retention Essentials for Cosmetologists

client retention for cosmetologists

Client retention is one of the most critical components of any profitable business.  It costs six more times to acquire a new client than it does to retain one you already have. So, the cost of losing a regular client can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. It’s worth the time and effort it takes to keep your clients happy. Adding these simple ideas into your routine can keep your clients coming back to your salon again and again.

Follow up

Follow-up with new customers by sending them a thank you card. Think about including a brochure too, so that new clients know about all of the services you offer. The follow-up after an appointment also acts as a great marketing tool, because it makes them feel unique and may get them to consider making an appointment for another service.

Send periodic newsletters

Another way to connect with clients is to send out newsletters—either print or digital. The newsletters could include gift certificates, an article on top trends, exclusive discounts and promotions, a list of your services, and other tips and related material that your clients would find useful. Sending these periodic newsletters is an excellent way of reminding your clients to make an appointment.

Make a phone call or send a text

Sending an email is useful, but when you make a personal phone call or send a text message to your client the day after their appointment, it lets them know they are valued. A simple “Thanks for coming in yesterday. Can’t wait to see you at your next appointment” text or phone call goes a long way.

Mail a birthday card

Sending a birthday card to clients is a simple gesture that makes them feel extra special. You could even add a nominal gift certificate toward their next service. It’s an ideal way for you to let your clients know that they are important and valued, without too much work on your part.

Well-treated customers are loyal customers. Everyone wants to feel special, so by taking these few extra steps, you can make a client’s day. And, keep them coming back to your chair, over and over. Have additional tips? Share them in the comments below.

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