How to Write a Great Dental Cover Letter

Smiling dentist sitting at dentist's office with her arms crossed and looking at camera, with a staff member treating a patient in the background.

Written by Hannah Chenoweth, Berxi.

We get it: selling yourself in a cover letter is a universally dreaded endeavor. It can be tempting to hope your resume speaks for itself, but a great cover letter can be the difference between nabbing an interview or falling into the black hole of job applicants.

This is especially true for new grads, who are competing against dental professionals with years of experience. According to a recent survey from ResumeLab, however, 83% of hiring managers say that an impressive cover letter is enough to qualify for an interview, even when a resume doesn’t catch their eye. The key to pulling it off? Breaking down the writing process into digestible bits, rather than trying to tackle the entire task at once.

To help you out, we consulted with three dentistry and HR experts, who generously shared their expertise on how dental professionals of all stripes and experience levels can stand out from the pack:

We then synthesized their advice into an easy-to-follow format that you can find below. With a solid foundation to build upon, your shiny new cover letter will get your job search off the ground in no time!

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