Hygienist Busts Dental Health Myths on TikTok, How to Handle Wage Increases, and Other Dental News

A dental hygienist uses TikTok to bust dental health myths and answer common questions. A dental practice consultant gives advice on how to handle wage increases, interviews, and technology. An industry educator urges fellow hygienists to stop practicing “halfway hygiene.” The ADA’s Community Dental Health Coordinator program celebrates 15 years. A dental hygiene podcast covers hot topics in the industry. Read on for more dental news and insights.

Dental hygienist busts dental health myths, answers FAQs on TikTok

Avalene Roberts, a licensed registered dental hygienist, recently busted eight dental health myths in this Popsugar article. Roberts shares dental health tips and tricks on TikTok every day, using the social media platform to reach a wider audience beyond the patients she sees in person. On TikTok, she’s able to impart helpful info and answer frequently asked questions in an entertaining way, such as teaching best flossing practices through a dance video.

How to handle wage increases, interviews, and technology

In this RDH article, dental practice consultant Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, MBA, RDH, gives helpful advice on various hygienist compensation issues—including how to ask for a raise, and what to do if your request for a raise is denied. Watterson also provides tips on how to discuss compensation during the initial job interview, and how to pitch new technology to your employer.

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Industry educator says, “Let’s stop practicing ‘halfway hygiene’”

“Is something preventing you from practicing wholehearted hygiene? Is it the dentist? Coding? Burnout? The patients themselves? Ultimately, it can come down to how we see ourselves and our skills,” writes Amanda Hill, BSDH, RDH, in this RDH article. She explains the concept of ‘halfway hygiene,’ the idea that dental hygienists are extremely knowledgeable and capable of a having a significant impact, and yet “we are often pigeonholed into the scale-and-polish prophy model.” This, Hill says, can lead to burnout and career dissatisfaction.

CDHC program celebrates 15-year anniversary

The ADA’s Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC) program celebrates 15 years of bringing more people into the oral health system. The program was launched in 2006 and now shows impact in 47 states. “I’m proud to commemorate a decade and a half of one of the ADA’s most successful programs,” said ADA President Daniel J. Klemmedson, DDS, MD in this ADA News story. “CDHCs are important members of the dental team, and their expertise links patients to available, but underutilized, dental care.”

Podcast spotlight: Today’s RDH

According to their website, “The Today’s RDH Dental Hygiene Podcast is for curious and passionate dental hygienists, students, and other dental professionals.” In the most recent episode, Emily Boge, CDA, RDH, MPA, and Kara Vavrosky, RDHEP, discuss surface sanitation and disinfection in the dental office. Other recent episodes include, “The RDH Detective – Discovering Sleep Disordered Breathing in Adults” and “Organic Does Not Mean Caries-free – Chasing the Elusive Hidden Sugars.”

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