IAOMT Celebrates National Dental Hygiene Month with New Course

Accreditation program intended to help professionals understand holistic approaches

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) is celebrating by promoting its new course for dental hygienists. The IAOMT’s Biological Dental Hygiene Accreditation Program was recently launched to help dental professionals understand the science behind holistic approaches that reconnect oral health with the rest of the body.

IAOMT members investigate holistic dental hygiene and other dental practices that promote whole body health, all with the motto: “Show me the science.”

“For many years, our dental hygienist members sought to construct a specialized training course to provide a detailed understanding about how biological dentistry treats the whole body as part of oral health care,” explains Kym Smith, Executive Director of the IAOMT. “It’s a testament to our hygienist members that they achieved their goal of putting together scientific research and hands-on resources to create this innovative new program.”

The Biological Dental Hygiene Accreditation Program covers essential components of holistic dental hygiene through an online course consisting of training articles and videos, as well as a workshop that can be attended virtually or in person. Coursework includes learning how to mitigate mercury exposure from amalgam fillings, understand patient biocompatibility with dental materials, recognize nutrition’s role in periodontal health, and identify signs of sleep-disordered breathing. Participants also receive a one-on-one mentor, access to peer-reviewed research articles about biological dentistry, and partnership in a professional network committed to continuing to investigate the oral-systemic connection.

National Dental Hygiene Month has been celebrated since 2009 thanks to the American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA), a whole month dedicated to recognizing and highlighting the profession. Dental professionals are given October to spread awareness about the importance of dental health and the impact that dental hygienists have on local communities.

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