2020 Nurse Salary Guide

Welcome to the 2020 Nurse Salary Guide

How has COVID impacted nurse salaries? NP, RN, and LPN salary information now available in this comprehensive guide.

Roughly 2% of the nurses who responded to our latest salary said they have been temporarily furloughed in the last year.

We surveyed over 11,000 nursing professionals across the country to get a snapshot of the industry, from degree distribution to job opportunities to average salaries. Download the guide to see their responses.

Here are a few highlights from the guide.

The impact of COVID-19

In a year of unprecedented upheaval, nursing professionals across the country have gone beyond expectations to help save lives. See how the pandemic has affected working hours, staffing, and retirement plans for nurses of all degrees and specialties.

“What’s the average salary for. . .?”

From ER and critical care to geriatrics and hospice, we surveyed a wide range of nursing professionals to break down average salaries across 63 areas of specialty.

Gender, ethnicity, and education

Explore a demographic snapshot of the profession with sections on salary data by age, gender, ethnic background, and degrees.

Find this and more in the 2020 Nursing Salary Guide


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