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Self Care 2019: An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

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Welcome to the 2019 Elite Healthcare Self Care Resource Guide

Cover Story:

Managing Stress in the Workplace
Stress-management tips to maintain health and maximize job performance.

Featured Content:

Making Self Care a Nursing Priority: Focusing on one’s self makes you a better provider of care for patients.

10 Techniques to Help You Stay Optimistic: Try as hard as you might, it’s not always easy to stay optimistic.

14 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep: No one understands the value of sleep more than healthcare professionals.

Focus on Infusion Therapy: Providing patients with options for comfort under difficult circumstances.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends: For some nurses, working more than one job is a labor of love.

Spirituality in Healthcare: Can a commitment to prayer play a role in healing?

Nursing Education Debt and Mortgage Approval: The Great Unknown: How some lenders are qualifying nursing professionals for home loans despite student debt.

The Act of Strategic Self Care: Seven tips for becoming your best self.

7 Ways to Keep Active Feet Healthy: Tips, Exercises & More.

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