4medica’s iEHR Adds Medical Speech Recognition Powered by Nuance Healthcare

4medica announced July 25 that its cloud-based integrated electronic health record (4medica iEHR) will include medical speech recognition powered by Nuance Healthcare’s 360 Development Platform. Completely web-based, the combined solution will allow physicians to document care via voice anytime or anywhere they can connect to the Internet.

“By partnering with Nuance to speech-enable iEHR, we give physicians a way to document simply by speaking,” said Oleg Bess, MD, 4medica’s CEO. “It’s an easy, natural way for physicians to take advantage of mobile technology, and, as a result, increase their productivity, enhance care delivery and improve the accuracy and timeliness of clinical documentation.”

With the new integrated speech recognition feature, clinicians can speak into the 4medica iEHR Note Writer and add their own notes to the template. Alternatively, they can populate open fields of the clinical note by voicing their desired selection. They also can view the narrative note in real-time on the screen and make corrections by manually editing, deleting or adding to the dictated note.

Nuance Healthcare’s 360 Development Platform allows software solutions providers to embed cloud-based speech and clinical language understanding technologies into their browser-based applications, mobile applications and thin-client desktop solutions.

For more information, please visit http://www.4medica.com.