ONC Adds EHR Incentive Program Payment Data to Health IT Dashboard

ONC has updated the Health IT Dashboard to include summary data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ EHR Incentive Program’s public use files.

The new Meaningful Use Dashboard serves as an interactive supplement to CMS’ public use data and reports by using ONC’s open government Health IT Dashboard framework as the starting point.
Users of the new Meaningful Use Dashboard will find:

• more than 60 national and state/county-level maps showing the local areas where the most health care professionals and hospitals are participating in the program.

• key performance data and charts following the number of health care providers reaching key CMS EHR Incentive Program milestones by state, program type, and provider type over time.

• interactive dataset and scorecard for tracking each state’s progress on eight core measures of provider participation in the EHR Incentive Programs.

In addition to the new Meaningful Use Dashboard, ONC updated datasets for its other dashboard projects and expanded the Health IT Adoption and Use Dashboard with more content that can be used for monitoring state and local adoption of e-prescribing technologies among pharmacies and physicians. The new Health Information Exchange: E-Prescribing view of the Health IT Adoption and Use Dashboard also includes additional information about e-prescribing goals set by ONC and the participants of the HITECH State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreement Program.

For more information, please visit http://dashbaord.healthit.gov.

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