One-stop Desk Reference for Cancer Registry Professionals Now Available

The “Cancer Registry Management: Principles and Practices for Hospitals and Central Registries” is a one-stop desk reference for cancer registry professionals. This comprehensive resource provides detailed information on the essential responsibilities of a cancer registrar and showcases new discoveries and improved technologies. It is designed to help cancer registrars quickly find important information on methodology and organization, and it explains how to set up and maintain a cancer registry.

The guide includes 42 chapters organized in six sections:
• planning and design of registries
• informatics
• operations
• uses of registry data
• standard setters and professional organizations
• central and other registries.

“The complexity of the cancer registry profession requires a high-quality, easy-to-use reference guide to assist registrars in finding answers. NCRA’s ‘Cancer Registry Management: Principles and Practices’ is just such a resource. It saves cancer registries time and money by providing quick access to the critical information needed to ensure data is collected in a timely and accurate manner,” noted Therese Richardson, RHIA, CTR, manager, cancer data services, DeKalb Medical, Decatur, Ga.

This updated version includes a CD with a full-featured review providing a question-and-answer section for each chapter. It also includes appendices, a glossary of cancer registry terms, and a comprehensive index.

The third edition brings together, for the first time, two companion volumes: one targeted toward hospital cancer registries and the other for central or population-based cancer registries. The guide was produced through a collaborative effort of more than 50 cancer registry professionals, representing various disciplines and organizations from the cancer surveillance community.

All NCRA-accredited formal education programs use the publication to prepare students to enter the profession. Beginning in 2013, registrars can also use the publication as the primary study guide to prepare for the Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR®) exam.

You can order this reference guide directly from Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company by calling 800-228-0810 or by visiting (use the term “NCRA” in your product search). The price for NCRA members is $163; the price for non-members is $189. (To receive the NCRA member price, order using the 1-800 number.)