iSonea Launches AsthmaSense, a New Smartphone App

PRNewswire–Medical technology company iSonea Ltd. (ASX: ISN; OTCQX: ISOAY) announced the launch of a new asthma management smartphone app, AsthmaSense™, available for iPhone, iPad and Android users. AsthmaSense is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use smartphone app designed specifically to help improve the way people live with and manage asthma.

AsthmaSense is the first app to bring together everything needed to manage asthma more effectively and conveniently. Once a person programs an asthma action plan, AsthmaSense ensures tracking to the plan with active reminders. The AsthmaSense app allows recording and tracking of symptoms, lung function tests, asthma events and medications. It also provides interactive medication and testing reminders. Features include:

  • Journal: Easily record peak flow, wheeze, medication use (scheduled, unscheduled and missed medication dosages) and symptoms;
  • Alerts: Set the tone and time for medication and testing reminders. Receive alerts when asthma is “not well controlled” or “poorly controlled” according to medical community guidelines;
  • Rescue: Access emergency contact information quickly and easily;
  • Manage data: Review up to two months of medication use. AsthmaSense data may be shared with a physician, family member or caregiver.

In the United States alone, 25 million people have asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC also estimates the cost burden in the U.S. alone exceeds $56 billion annually, as poorly controlled asthma is associated with increased emergency room visits, hospitalizations and medical costs. The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 250,000 deaths globally from poorly controlled asthma every year. The medical community’s guidelines, including those from the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), state that regular monitoring of breathing symptoms is necessary to improve medication compliance and successful long-term management of asthma. It is also recommended that all people with asthma have an asthma action plan developed with their doctor to help control their asthma.

Managing asthma is crucial to controlling the disease and improving health; however regular, diligent monitoring of symptoms, triggers and medications can be challenging for patients, caregivers and parents alike,” said Lynn M. Taussig, MD, chairman of iSonea’s Medical Advisory Board, special advisor to the Provost for the Life Sciences at the University of Denver and the retired president and CEO of National Jewish Medical and Research Center. “AsthmaSense smartphone app is an easy and convenient way to monitor and track asthma and keep your doctor informed of your condition and progress. This ultimately leads to better health, avoids emergency visits and provides peace of mind for patients and their families.”

“iSonea is dedicated to developing innovative, easy-to-use devices and mobile apps that help improve asthma monitoring and management,” said Michael Thomas, CEO of iSonea Ltd. “We built the AsthmaSense app with the user in mind. We understand how critical it is to track asthma, and so we built an app with key features that help you better manage your asthma anywhere, anytime.”

AsthmaSense is available for purchase at the Apple App Store (for iPhone and iPad users) and Google Play and Amazon App Stores (for Android users). The app has a one-time cost of $3.99. Future versions of AsthmaSense will incorporate iSonea’s WheezoMeter® which uses the company’s Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring™ (ARM) to measure wheezing, one of the principal symptoms of asthma. In future versions, the company plans to support other operating platforms and incorporate features such as a sensor that detects changes in environmental conditions such as air quality and weather.

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SOURCE: iSonea Ltd.