Healthcare Habit: 10 Tips for Staying Optimistic

Try as hard as you might, it’s not always easy to stay optimistic. When you’re working long hour shifts while trying to cram in family time and still run errands, keeping a positive frame of mind can be challenging.

For every situation you find yourself in, try to find a silver lining. It may take some searching, but there’s bound to be one in most cases. Also, look out for common stressors and steer clear of them. If there’s simply no way to avoid them, unwind after work or a rough day with these stress relief tips.

If you tend to look at a glass as half empty instead of half full, you may want to try these techniques for finding a positive viewpoint in even the toughest of times.

1. Find the positive in any negative situation – This may seem difficult, we know, but it really can make all the difference. Instead of getting caught up in the negatives, try to find a positive in the situation. If there’s an issue at work, look at it as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Take some time to process the situation before considering the positives, especially if you’re in shock or emotional turmoil.

2. Create a positive environment – If possible, limit the time you spend with Debbie Downers and seek out positive individuals instead. Who you spend time with can have a huge impact on your outlook. Also, consider how much TV, internet and magazines you are exposed to on a daily basis. While it’s important to keep updated on current events and the latest news, certain websites and shows can affect your positivity. If this is the case, you may want to limit how many articles you read or news specials you watch, or view some cute cat videos every once in awhile.

3. Don’t allow fear to hold you back – Is there a new class you’ve been meaning to take? A new position you’ve wanted to apply for? Then go for it! All too often, we imagine the worst and allow our doubts to hold us back. Just ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? Then, figure out how you would handle that nightmare scenario, so you know you’re prepared for anything.

4. Go slowly and savor the good things in life – Whether it’s walking your dog in the morning, a weekly visit to your favorite café or a phone call with a best friend, it’s important to take time and enjoy these relaxing moments. Carve out some me time every week and find fun activities for your days off. Whatever makes you happy, allow yourself to slow down and truly appreciate that activity or experience.

5. Lend a hand to others – Helping others can do wonders for not only them but you as well. Whether you help someone move, give a friend a ride to work or just listen to someone venting, you are improving someone else’s life. You can even go a step farther, and volunteer at a soup kitchen or a favorite cause. Helping out others adds value to the world and can also improve your mood.

6. View criticism in a positive light – No one likes having their work criticized, but it’s important to handle criticism in the best way possible. Try to remain open-minded when you receive negative feedback and treat it as a learning experience. Ask yourself if there’s anything useful you can take away from this? For all you know, this could help you improve your work performance and lead to better things.

7. Acknowledge your negative thinking – If you want to change your negative thinking, first, you have to recognize when you’re thinking negatively. Then, and only then, can you work on turning those negative thoughts into positive ones.

8. Keep a journal – Writing in a journal can help you keep track of negative thoughts and discover the reason behind these feelings. For example, you might notice that you’re upset at certain times of the day or only in certain places. Take a closer look at these factors and figure out what you can change and what you can’t. For elements you have little to no control over, such as your heavy workload, you may want to talk to your boss or make a list of actions you can take.

9. Start your day on a positive note – A bad morning can leave you in a funk all day long. That’s why it’s important to start your day off the right way. Maybe, you could eat breakfast with the family, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or read a chapter of a favorite novel. Try to do something that brings you some peace and comfort.

10. Get out and socialize – When we’re feeling down in the dumps, we tend to avoid social contact. Unfortunately, this can make matters even worse. Slowly reenter society by planning a coffee date with a family member or friend, calling loved ones every so often or making small talk with coworkers. Even smiling at someone can help improve your mood.

No matter what the situation, remember to always believe in yourself and your capabilities. With a little self-confidence and effort, you can tackle any obstacle that presents itself.

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